Computer wont Post- Possible CPU problem?

Hello, I recently had a fault and well, im almost positive something shorted in my computer (burnt smell, refused to boot up, probably touched case, but it still worked). I ordered a new Mobo off amazon, turns out the one i bought deteriorated extremely quickly. The new one would get as far as RAM then find an error then reboot over and over. Also that one seemed to keep turning itself on as soon as i plugged the PSU in (the PSU as far as i can tell works as i've used it on the old mobo and it does not start up until i press the on button). Eventualy the new one would just end up turning on and off. I tried with no CPU and it just sat there, once i put it in though it would turn itself on and off (after a brief moment). BEFORE that however, it would keep claiming the CPU was overheating (after like 15 seconds), which to my knowledge it was not (it runs fine in the older motherboard and currently its claiming its overheating within half a second). I had another power supply that didn't quite fit but was enough to basic power it, however it had the same problems. On then off with no ram put in, and now it just does that with ram put in...

Anyway, so the issue with the first motherboard was it kept getting hung up on the RAM. if i had one in on the first slot, the light would get stuck on it claiming it was faulty. The new motherboard got hung up on that as well (DP55KG) aka Error #12 POST. The Ram works fine, currently its in the other computer.

My question is this, Does this mean its POSSIBLE that the CPU itself is shorted out, broken, whatever? I tested the Ram, i Tested the MOBO (albeit a broken one, but it worked fine the first time i used it minus the hangup on the memory each had). I believe the Motherboard (original) is in working condition, and that the Ram (conclusively) is in working order.

Processor is an Intel (Lynnfield i think) I5-760 approx 2-3 years old.
Motherboard (old) is a P55...something ASUS
Ram is... Well Corsair i believe, i got a new one too, same problem (yes they are compatible).
Fan is Rocketfish (for the CPU, and it works fine)
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  1. IMO its unlikely that the cpu itself has shorted as there are strong fail-safes to ensure cpu protection.

    Since you changed the motherboard, it is likely that the second installation of the cpu was faulty causing it to over heat ( put good thermal compound and check that the heat sink is putting adequate pressure on it).

    it is however quiet possible that your psu(or some component in it) has shorted and causing uneven voltages and surge currents which is why the POST is not being carried out properly.

    On your mother boards, you can see the capacitors (cylinders with two legs, standing upright)...if any of these are puffed up, especially around the head then the mobo/s is/are fried and not usable although it/they may seem to work
  2. Did you reapply thermal compound when you placed your CPU in the new motherboard? If your heatsink assembly isn't placed properly (this goes for thermal compound as well), your CPU can overheat in a matter of seconds to a few minutes.

    Also, did you clean off the old compound BEFORE applying new compound?

    Here's amuffin's guide on how to remove and apply thermal paste :) Linking it just in case
  3. Yes, i even re-seated it multiple times, re-applied new paste, took the old one off, reset everything multiple times, yet it kept giving me the same thing. I only think its a CPU problem or something got fried or SOMETHING since i've come across the RAM problem twice over two motherboards with only the PSU (which works to my knowledge) and the RAM which also is functioning fine... So im not so sure anymore. I was just thinking maybe the CPU has gone wonky
  4. try powering up this config from the other psu you've got, you must eliminate the possibility of a faulty psu then may be you can focus on the processor
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