Can someone check compatibility, please.

This is my first computer build and before i buy i just want to make sure i got parts that were compatible. I just want someone to double check to make sure everything is compatible and/or make some suggestions on possible substitutes. Just so you know, this computer will not be my "primary computer". Instead i will be hooking it up to a network so it can help my primary computer do some 3D rendering(it'll have other uses but this is the primary one). And as of right now I'm not looking to set up a small render farm, which i know for the same price i could get a couple cheap computer and hook all of them up and get better results. Obviously this is not the full-build but these are the parts i'm not 100% sure about. My budget is ~$800-$1,000.

Here is a list of the parts that I'm thinking of using for the build:

Note: for some reason this URL only works if I copy / paste it, for me anyways.

Thanks a lot,
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  1. Why the DF85? Are you planning on adding tons of hard drives or a multiple GPU setup?

    The Quaddro is a good choice but if you want anything decent avoid the low end - go for a GTX 570 or even the 680.
  2. Yeah, get a $80 case, and put thr $100 into getting a better card.
  3. well my idea behind getting the DF85 was for future upgrades: adding more HDD's / SSD's...etc... I also like having the space inside of my case, rather than it being so compact. I have a couple cases right now that i just hate due to how small they are. I also like the fact that it came with all those fans. But can one of you guy's suggest a better case to replace it with? i don't really know how important case fans if someone could elaborate or give some insight that be much appreciated. I was originally considering getting the mid tower NZXT…

    As far as the GFX card goes, from my knowledge, does not help at all or very little with rendering speeds. If I were to downgrade the case I would think I would get faster render speeds from putting more money into ram, which I only have 8gb’s ATM, or upgrading to an Intel i7. Like I said before this computer will be used for Rendering not 3d modeling etc… I have a much better built computer for that.
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  5. awesome thanks for the info. Ill take a look at those options. But still my main question still holds, Are My Selected Parts Compatible?
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