My graphics card thinks its a cpu, please help

So, Many of you have already helped me, and thank you for that. For those that have read my numerous posts regarding this issue will know how frustrated I am getting with it.
I have got to the bottom of what is causing the problem! but I will be darned if I can figure out a solution!

Basically, as the title says, my graphics card thinks its a cpu.
I have had problems for weeks now with a fan speeding up and causing loads of noise, I assumed this to be my cpu fan, I have learned it is my graphics card fan, however! I have absolutely no way of slowing it down, it got to the point where I went into the bios and disabled all bios controlled fan speeds.
Thats when things got weird!

I have found out the reason my fan speeds up when my cpu is idle or under a small ammount of load is because it is the motherboard controlling this, however it is not controlling the cpu fan (this is 3 pin and 100% all the time, but causes me no bother)

The bios seems to think that the graphics card fan is the cpu fan! I know how weird this sounds, but if I disable the cpu fan control in the bios (not system fan)
then the graphics card fan spins at a really high speed, the only way to stop this is to enable the cpu fan control in the bios again.

CCC allows me to set the fan speed manually, but when the processor becomes in use, the bios still tries to compensate for the temperature increase by increasing my GPU.
Please help as this has been driving me insane for over a month now!

I hope someone can help, and dont worry I am in the process of buying a 4 pin fan! (just out of interest will that solve all my problems?)
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  1. Download MSI afterburner. Install it

    Use the program to control your GPU fan speed, Clock and Temps. It will also give you a good idea if yey are spinning fast because of a heat issue :)
  2. Thing is I never had this problem on my old motherboard, so there must be something I can do to solve this without the aid of software surely?
    I have tried using trixx as I have a sapphire card thought that would help. But alas it did not.
    It is definitely increasing the gpu fan speed as the processor temperature increases!
    You have no idea how much trial and error I have done to get to the bottom of this! lol
  3. Nope, no joy, just tried installing it and controlling the fans that way, but they are still being increased if the cpu heats up
  4. Did you try resetting the mb bios to factory defaults?
    It might even help te (re)flash it to the latest version.

    Joeblogs's option to use msi afterburner could help as well to detect heat issues.
    Possible the heatsink on your gpu could be the problem, heating up your computercase and thus increasing the cpu fan speed.
  5. What card? What power supply?
  6. what type video card do you have and does it have the stock cooler on it?
  7. Obvious questions...

    Have you got the latest BIOS for your Mobo?
    Have you reset and cleared your BIOS...(usually a MOBO jumper and take out battery for a bit)?
    Have you reset your BIOS to defaults.?

    I am saying this as the symptoms you describe are completely illogical. There is no way the BIOS should be getting confused in the way you describe (assuming your GPU fan is onboard the graphics card and is controlled only via the PCI interface?).

    Just for fun - may be do connect your CPU fan to the CPU fan contol? does that then control the fan correctly? and be interesting to see if they go in tandem... i.e. the CPU and GPU fans speed up/slow down in tandem?

    But as you say - it makes no sense... whats the MOBO?

  8. its the sapphire 6970 and yeah it has the stock cooler. The problem with resetting the bios to factory defaults is that I dont have a processor that is compatible with the original bios :(
    I have the gigabyte ga-990fxa-udz and bulldozer 8150 cpu ocz700mxsp (just upgraded to xfx 750 core edition though)
    Msi doesnt work
    Trixx doesnt work
    ccc doesnt work
    it is definitely treating the gpu fan as the cpu fan
  9. The cpu fan is 3 pin and connected to the cpu fan control but obviously being 3 pin runs on 100% all the time
  10. its gotta be said, I have never seen anything like this before! I will try reflashing the bios later today! but yeah, this is an interesting one!
  11. dacca said:
    The problem with resetting the bios to factory defaults is that I dont have a processor that is compatible with the original bios :(
    I have the gigabyte ga-990fxa-udz and bulldozer 8150 cpu

    Hang on a sec.... whats this comment? Why "original BIOS"? why is that important? surely you dont care about original... you need a later one?
    The Gigabyte site for your MOBo seems to suggest you need F5 version of BIOS for that processor... is that the one you have?

    Can you clarify
  12. Quick update - link above is for the ga-990fxa-ud5 mobo

    I cant find any ref to a ga-990fxa-udz ? that a typo? ga-990fxa-ud7? anyway, all the ga-990fxa-ud class of MOBO's seem to support your CPU... with a newish BIOS.
    So please confirm which is your Mobo... and your BIOS (that supports your CPU).

  13. Setting the BIOS to defaults does NOT change your BIOS just changes it to the default settings for the BIOS version you have.
  14. I meant to write ud7 but accidently typed udz, I would have corrected it but as I put 3 posts, toms would not let me correct and I needed to go out.
    So to clarify
    I have 990fxa-ud7 with bios revision F7
    So yeah, I have the lates bios.
  15. Have you tried monitoring the GPU temperature to see if it is getting hot when the fan comes on?
  16. its not mate, its sat idle at 35% under no load whatsoever!
    I can guarantee with 100% certainty it is when the cpu usage and temp rises!
  17. 35 degrees i meant, not 35%
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