10 year old full-tower for new build?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to do my first ever custom gaming pc build at the beginning of November this year and I would like to save a few bucks by re-using my old full-tower from 10 years ago.

Just wondering if I will have to drill any holes or make any modifications to the case to fit a new motherboard (I'm thinking X79)

Here's a few pictures of the dusty beast...

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  1. Sure, I don't see why not!

    As long as it can fit atx, it will be able to fit EATX as well. (EATX boards are just slightly wider)
  2. I meant Z77 board. Put the extra money on the GPU right?

    Here's a better pic of my old MOBO...

  3. Put the extra money on a good power supply, and some fans.

    You want at least one intake and one outtake.
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    If the cae is in good condition and you are happy with it, then there is no reason to replace it. It looks like a standard ATX case so it should be compatible a Z77 board. The stanchion placements haven't changed in the ATX standard so you're GTG on that front.

    For a 10yr old case it's actually not that dusty. I'd do a thorough cleaning of the case and breadboard the new system prior to installing the new parts in the old case.
  5. Hey thanks a lot guys!

    I will definitely be getting new fans and PSU and just be reusing the drivebays, optical drives, and case.

    I will post in greater detail in October, as I understand it is a waste of time to speculate on what parts to get 14 weeks in advance.

    Though as far as a PSU goes, I would like a "Seasonic X-Series X-1050 1050W Modular 80 Plus Gold" just to be on the safe side. I want to run dual graphics cards next year and do not want to be kicking myself in a few years when I want to upgrade... maybe 1250W?
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