New GPU for Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3GHz

Hi all,
I'm looking for GPU upgrade. My current rig is 3 years old Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3GHz, 4 GB ram and GeForce 9800 GTX. I'd like to boost gaming performance and I'd also like to use audio over HDMI output for playing/movies on TV. Budget is not limited at all but I'm sure the most new GPUs will be limited by CPU performance. Thanks for advice.
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  1. hd 6770 or 6850 will be good without any problem but can u tell me the model name of the psu with wattage?
  2. Eurocase 550W
  3. JendaN said:
    Eurocase 550W

    go and get 1 hd 6870 it will be good and capatible with your psu and it will give you more performance then the hd 6850 and the hd 6850 will be also good for your pc:)
  4. I bought the 6870. HDMI audio works differently than NVIDA - it doesn't pass the S/PDIF signal from sound card but it has own audio chip. The result is that I'm getting only stereo sound instead of 5.1 DD. Quite disappointment.
  5. sounds like you have it configured incorrectly tbh
  6. Actually yes. Audio devices manager still says it's stereo but it passes DD as supposed now. I also installed Realtek driver etc.
    Pretty impressive piece of hardware according to games performance. Thanks.
  7. 6870 is the best $ vs fps card right now, you won't be disapointed ;) This is also what I would have recommended.
  8. ^agreed 6870 is a good buy

    @JendaN did you fix the problem?
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