Graphic Card Not Working ?

Hi all,

Here is the situation,

I have 2 screen connected on my GTX 280. One is connected via HDMI to DVI, the other one is DVI to DVI (my graphic card as 2 DVI port).

This morning all was working perfectly, then I decided to swap cables : cable 1 on port2 and cable2 on port1.
Well after I did that, one of my screen (screen1) was displaying shining green ....
So I decided to revert to original configuration, but then the other screen (screen2) was green ....
Basically whatever screen I connect on port1 as this green stuff.

So from what I can see it's not a problem from the screen or a problem from the cable, but must come from the graphic card.

Another thing, is the problem start when I launch my computer, so before windows.

Any idea what's going on ? Can I kill one of my DVI port just by doing a simple thing like swapping cable ?

Appreciate your help.

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  1. check for any bent pins
  2. You mean on the cables right ? I checked, did not solved the problem.

  3. I'd suggest checking that your card is properly seated in its slot on your mother board, and also try using spare cables if you have any and try using any other monitors just to narrow down the possibilities of the problem.
  4. Well I try different cable and different screen connection and it's always the same port of the graphic card that is having problem. If I connect cables and screen to the other port everything work fine.
    I moved the card one slot and still same, now I really think it's a problem from one port of the graphic card, but I just don't understand how this could happen. Any idea ?
  5. one last thing i would do is update your video card drivers just to be safe, and if that doesn't work than maybe that port just went bad.
  6. I tried that without really any hope as the problem appears before windows start. Is there any solution to have 2 screen display (extended) with one DVI port ?

  7. you can use a Y splitter, but the image on both monitors will be cloned.
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