HTPC through receiver; No video

I'm working on my first HTPC, which I want to connect to my TV through a Yamaha RX-V667 receiver.

The pc uses integrated graphics from an Intel Core I3 2100T, the mainboard is an Asrock H67M-ITX. I'm working on getting XBMC running on a minimal Ubuntu installation.

Connecting the PC to my TV directly, using either HDMI or VGA works fine. However, when I run the signal through my receiver (using both HDMI input / output) I only get a black screen. Not even the boot screen shows. The receiver does receive at least some signal, as the screen switches from a wallpaper (default background that the receiver outputs when it got no signal) to the black screen.

Anyone got an idea what could cause this and what possible solutions would be? Thanks!
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  1. Your receiver has a problem with the handshake that takes place betweed HDMI devices, because of the resolution of your output. I had the same issues connecting a PS3 to a Marantz receiver a couple years back.
    Use PowerStrip video to change the res or timing or freq, etc.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Can't use PowerStrip as I'm running Linux, but if that's the issue I think it should be fixable using the xorg.conf.
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