Hdmi audio from grafix card

i am using hd5770 n i want to know how could i use the 7.1 audio from it and what are the things i need to have and also about the SPDIF from the motherboard
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  1. The catalyst drivers install the audio drivers for your Vid Card, so you should just be able to plug it into your display device and hear sound.
  2. yeah just have to enable the sound in your sound options from Control Panel
  3. m litle confused here about what things i need b4 i start this things
    do i need something like hdmi audio adapter
    where to plug in the 3.5mm pin
    n i c only stereo option not getting 5.1 7.1 on sound>playback>configure
  4. You need to plug the HDMI cable into your receiver for surround sound.
  5. so i need a audio reciever that has a hdmi input in it
    is there any way that i can use something like adapter to use the hdmi for 3.1mm jack
  6. where are you hooking up your sound to? TV, stereo, or receiver? If you want surround sound (5.1, 7.1) you need a receiver to send the HDMI cable to. But if you're running sound to a TV it's only going to be stereo.
  7. i dont hav any thing yet but a Steelseries Siberia Headset Full-Size V2
    n want to know if i can use it
  8. Don't worry about sound from your graphics card if your using a headset just connect the headset via it's 3.5mm TRS connecter to your onboard sound or sound card.
  9. but is there any option for that?
  10. if you are planning on using the surround sound headset for games that support surround sound then you would need to manipulate the setting in the game.
  11. mosfet429546 said:
    but is there any option for that?

    Any option for what?
  12. to use hdmi with 3.5mm
  13. There is no HDMI to 3.5mm TRS adapter.
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