Video card for compaq sr5350f

My parents have a Compaq SR530f desktop that they frequently watch TV shows on. I would like to add a video card with a hdmi interface to it so it can be connected to their flat screen without upgrading the powersupply (250w). Any suggestions?
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  1. Let me re-phrase that. I'm looking for a graphics card with a HDMI port that can be installed in this computer without upgrading the power supply.
  2. An HD 6570 or 5570.
  3. Both of those require a 400w or greater PSU. I'm trying to get away from upgrading the 250W PSU that came with the computer.
  4. "require" is used rather loosely by AMD... Those cards draw 50w max and will not stress your PSU, much less overload it. Even if you run FurMark 24/7.
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