AZZA Genesis 9000 vs NZXT SWITCH 810 Cases.

I am going to buy one of these two cases as soon as I can make a decision on which one, but I am having a really tough time deciding. I would love any opinions or thoughts anyone has about these cases at all, so that I can better make my decision. The price difference between the cases is not a factor. Here are the links for both cases below, I will be getting the black model regardless of which one. Once again any thoughts you have please share them!

AZZA Genesis 9000


Thanks to any who post.

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  1. NZXT no question.
  2. Reason?
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    I know nothing about the AZZA, but I have the 810 and it is a nice, large case and very easy to work on. However, I also have CM Storm Trooper and I like that one a lot more. The 810 has some plastic bits that just let it down...primarily the loose top cover, but also parts of the front panel which after playing with Storm Trooper feel really cheap. The 810 also has no place to grip the case. I ended up breaking the plastic cover over the front USB ports because I gripped the case the wrong way. I don't go to LAN parties, but I do move the case from my office to a larger room to work on and its quite difficult to carry. Its got a great big window, nice drive bays,and I like the internal tilt on the fans. The cable routing holes are slightly better placed than the Storm Trooper, but the Storm Trooper has more space behind for cables. I do like the little rear LED...I wish all cases had that. But the Storm Trooper is just about perfect...and most reviews seem to agree.
  4. mattangle said:

    I've been looking at one myself, it seems to have great room for water cooling and it looks awesome in white. Why not google some reviews?
  5. I have looked at dozens and dozens of reviews, but still haven't come up with a conclusion/decision. Ty for the thoughts.
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  7. I personally haven't tried the NZXT one but the AZZA Genesis 9000 is a very nice case. The case itself it a full tower case and it has a very well designed interior. It has multiple pre-installed fans that takes heat from the case down to vent out the case at top. I haven't had any issues with cooling with just fans alone, I would imagine having liquid cooling is even better. I definitely would recommend giving the AZZA Genesis 9000 a go if you like more than sufficient cooling without too much hassle.
  8. Appreciate the thoughts, I actually bought the NZXT Switch a few weeks back and it is just a FANTASTIC case, best cable management possibility I have ever had or seen on a case, great airflow so many awesome features and its huge, I absolutely love it! But the AZZA case looks great still, my best friend actually bought the AZZA last night so I will see both and really give them a side by side comparison.
  9. Glad to have given insight. Hope to know your comparisons soon!
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