Thermal Paste for Xeon E5?

Which thermal pastes do you recommend (and for what reasons) for server-class Xeon E5s? We had to RMA a motherboard after we installed the CPU, so the old thermal paste should probably be removed.

Also, I've read that 90%+ Isopropyl alcohol will remove the paste, but what is the difference between that and getting something like Thermal Material Remover & Surface Purifier ?
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    The remover and purifier is better than straight Alcohol. I've used it, and alcohol too. It's worth the few dollar investment.

    As for which thermal paste to use, I'd say go with the tried and true arctic silver 5.
  2. Any thermal paste will be fine for a server,
  3. The primary two I had been looking at were

    They look similar and I don't exactly know the differences.

    Also, I'm a bit apprehensive at accepting blanket statements, especially on such a processor. For example, i saw somewhere the Arctic Silver 5 is not the best for older Xeons.
  4. I usually use Tuniq TX2 because I like that it's non conductive. Anything that works on a desktop CPU should work the same on a Server CPU.
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