600-650 dollar budget gaming pc

hello everyone!
I have been looking to build a new gaming pc with a 1000 dollar budget but it was too much so this is what i came up with and i wanted to what people think about this build.

Case: Zalman z11 case 59.99

CPU: AMD FX-4100 quad core @ 3.6ghz 119.99
i3 2100 dual core @ 3.1ghz 129.99 (i dont want to buy intel right now because of the high motherboard prices)
A6 3670k APU quad core @ 2.7ghz 114.99

GPU: HIS radeon 7750 119.99 (I was thinking maybe get a 6450 and then get 7850 or something better later because I'm only going to play league of legends, team fortress 2 and minecraft (possibly record with fraps) for a month and get battlefield 3 (i'm a bf fan :D )and crysis 2)

MOBO: ASUS M5A97 w/crossfireX support, 7.1 audio, gigabit lan and it it ATX form factor 94.99
ASUS F1A75-M LE w/crossfireX support, 7.1 audio, gigabit lan and micro ATX 89.99
ASUS P8P67-M Rev 3.0 w/quad CrossfireX support,1394, 7.1 audio gigabit lan and micro ATX 124.99

RAM: AMD DDR 3 memory 4gbx1 @ 1600mhz or Corsair Vengeance 4gbx1 25.99(I am going to add another 4gb ram after few weeks)

HDD: Segeate 1TB Berecuda SATA III w/ 64 MB cache 119.99

PSU: OCZ ModXstream Pro 500W 80 Plus 64.99

Optical Drive: LG or Samsung 20-25 dollar dvd drive

Not included: Monitor, OS, keyboard and mouse, speakers

Future upgrades: good CPU cooler or liquid cooling system, 1 more 4gb ram so total 8gb, 120gb SSD for OS, maybe another GPU for CrossfireX, new CPU 10 month after I build my system,Blu ray drive

Total: 624.92 without rebate and stuff

So is this a good build?
thank you in advance.
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  1. Also ive done over a year of research so i have knowledge.
  2. get a 600w psu, a mobo with Xfire, a 7750, and xfire it in the future. If I were you id get the FX @ 3.6 or the i3, they will perform virtually the same. The i3 may be a little better if i remember correctly. the 7750 will MORE than handle the games listed. However for BF3, your gonna wanna xfire in the future.
  3. Could do better and don't suggest the 7750. @ $110, only $30 less than the 6850 but the 6850 has a much better performance. Granted supplying may dwindle in the future for the 6850.

    Check out this $650 build here:
    Gives you way more processing power and GPU power. Granted you don't get Crossfire support but you can always upgrade the motherboard to one that does. After all though, the i5 2400 kills all the Bulldozer chips even the 8120 loses by a lot in single thread and games, narrowly winning in multithread.

    FX-8150 vs i5 2400
    Huge winnings in Gaming FPS by the i5 2400, even though generally the CPU isn't what matters most in gaming.

    The 6870 will also give you a sizeable performance increase from the 7750.

    As for your decision for Liquid cooling, Corsair and Antec "liquid" cooling system aren't recommended since they are not even worth the price/performance. Air coolers of lower prices can kill it in temps and even dBa performance.
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