Cannot connect to WiFi under a metal roof

Hi. All

Before I ask you a question, I need to state the situations first to give you a clear idea of what I am trying to do. Somethings I have done before could be useful information for those who haven't done it before

I need to make a wifi hotspot at my work place that is a completely open space with thick heavy metal roof on a two story high. The roof, beams, stands, and whatever on this structure are all metal.

I need to connect iphones, ipods, and some other wifi cellular phones to the wifi hotspot.

Method 1) I have a T-mobile Galaxy S (Vibrant) that is capable for being AP (access point). Using an iphone, I could connect to this AP through wifi and surf the web no problem at anywhere, but not able to connect it at the work place under that thick metal sheet roof.

Method 2) I tried to increase the wifi signal. I did downloaded and installed "connectify" so that my lapltop becomes hotspot via its wifi; using USB tethering from my Vibrant. In this case, sometimes work, most of time no work.

Method 3) I ordered Clear 4G Mobile. This is capable to provide 4G via either wifi or USB. It worked perfectly at anywhere else, but no luck under the metal roof.

Method 4) I tried to maximize the wifi signal. I connected the Clear 4G to my laptop via USB (USB tethering). Then, bridged it to the laptop's LAN. This LAN cable was then connected to WAN on a Linksys router. Now, it's a real router for wifi. It worked perfectly anywhere, but no work at the work place.

Conclusion) Even though transmitter( the Clear 4G, laptop's wifi, or router) had enough and strong signal, the receiver (iphone, ipod, other wifi cellular phones) could not generate strong wifi signals to send back due to the signal scattering and interference under the full metal structure.

Proofs on the conclusion) I parked my car right next to where I tested all these stuff(still under the metal roof). I put the Clear 4G mobile with an iphone in the car. Put them next each other. I could use wifi from the Clear 4G mobile. I can guess that my car shielded the wifi signals against being scattered back to the metal roof. I also walked out of the roof, carrying both of them. Around 10ft off the structure, I could connect to the wifi.

Request) Now, I need to find a way to trap wifi signals between router and iphone such as my car. Any suggestions?

Thank you, thank you and thank you
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  1. so basicly what you are trying to do is have a separate wireless network where phones and ipods can connect to, right?

    why not take a wireless router, setup the wireless security, and change the LAN IP to

    also make sure to change the router admin password so people don't change things.

    then connect the router to your network via the WAN/Internet port.
  2. Thank you for the reply, Emerald

    My issue is not with any setup, password, network, etc

    It's with signal strength from a wifi device such as iphone under circumstance where the signals are all scattered out.

  3. You'd have to site access points in weatherproof boxes outside the metal building but if your users are inside other steel buildings, you're still stymied.

  4. Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to solve it by any chance?
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