Need a good gaming pc build

I need a good build preferably down the amd line with aftermarket components ex coolermaster.

Under, 1000 $ would be great
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  1. For more info
    I love the apevia xplorer 2, the phenoms or an fx are good, and like the coolermaster line of gpus
  2. For a grand, get a 2500k and at least a gtx 570
  3. i5-2500k + 7870 would be my recommendation.

    Paired with a Z68 motherboard, nice 64GB SSD in there for a boot drive (maybe more if can squeeze 128GB into budget).

    Do not sink $1k into an AMD build, CPU wise, it just isn't worth it. All benchmarks and graphs will show you Intel SandyBridge way out-performs when it comes to gaming.
  4. Agreed Adrian... i5 2500k, asrock extrem3, GTX 560 Ti or 570 Ti, is how i'd go...
  5. Would a solid state drive be better than a mechanical or should I just get one of those hybrids?
  6. On your budget, you could probably fit in a 64GB SSD to use as a boot drive with a few other applications on :)

    Then use a mechanical as your data storage for like media and games ect.

    WD Caviar Blue drives are fairly well priced currently (500GB, 7200RPM)
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