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Whats up guys,
I just built my first system and it was cake. Started up, no issues. Here is come background info. Im running an i5 2400, ASRock H61M/U3S3, Sapphire 6870, Muskin 60gb SSD, Samsung Spinpoint f3 8gb of ram.

1. I did read that I had to set the SSD under the BIOS to run as AHCI. I plugged the SSD into the Sata 3 port, so I set the SSD under the BIOS ( SATA 3 ) to boot as AHCI, right? Is that all that there is to it?

2. That leads me to this question: Is there a way to check it and make sure its booting properly?

3. Do I leave SATA 1/II alone under the BIOS? My Spinpoint is SATA, but I'll only connect it to a 3 gbps SATA.

What should be a normal temp for the i5 2400 at idle? What about MB temp at idle?
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  1. I have some software called Samsung SSD Magician and that checks and lets you know everything is set right in your OS, you could give that a try. Not sure if it has to be a Samsung SSD but I don't see why that would be the case.

    Idle temperatures aren't all that important and depend on quite a few factors but anywhere between 20-50c is quite normal in my experience.
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