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I have just got a Palit Geforce GTX 460 Sonic Graphics Card. 1024MB GDDR5.
i got this to replace my Point Of View Geforce GTX 275 graphics Card. 896MB. is anyway I could run these cards along side each other like SLI,As I would really like to make use of the GTX 275 as well.
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  1. no you can't sli with different model but you can keep one of them card as a PHYSX setup.
  2. xtreme5 said:
    no you can't sli with different model but you can keep one of them card as a PHYSX setup.

    What is PHYSX setup and how do you do this. Thanks
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    PHYSX is a physical engine that allows nvidia graphics cards to calculate complex particle / object interactions in real time.

    For example, having life-like clothing on player models, realistic fluids and collisions. smoke,broking of something that it's pieces are appearable.

    physx setup posible for example if you have gtx 570 and you also want to fit any those gpu which have a physx engine like 9800gt or gtx 275

    so here we have the gtx 570 + gtx 275 (gtx 275 for PHYSX) it is adjusted with nvidia control panel.

    this setup is called PHYSX not SLI.this gives a great effection for games and make your game look like as a real life.

    SLI possible for example same models of gpu's like GTX 460+GTX 460 = SLI
  4. 460 in PCI-E Slot 1
    275 in PCI-E Slot 2

    Use the nVidia control panel to tell the driver to use the 275 as a PhysX card. To see what PhysX does, watch this video.

    Alternately, sell the 275 and get another 460 and set up the pair in SLI and enable PhysX whenever ya have a PhysX capable game to play
  5. Though only a few games use physx, it will actually give you something to do with that card!
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