12v low voltage.. need help..

1 hour ago asus ai suit warn me that 12v voltage is low and voltage was 9.xxxv. Then suddenly my screen filled with green squares and I restart my pc.. After the restart it system works without a problem and lowest voltage was 11.5v.. Should I RMA my psu?

Corsair GS600 600W PSU ( bought 3 months ago )
i5 2400+hyper 212
GTx 550ti
4 coolermaster led fans+fan controller

Ps - friend gave me a software named OCCT to check psu voltages and I am currently running it.. It is a one hour test I think..
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    ATX 12V specifies that the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V rails shall supply power within +-5% of the rated voltage. That means that the 12V rail should be 11.4-12.6V. I would trust the Asus AI tool to accurately get the 12V reading from the mobo. If you're PSU is not maintaining proper voltages, then I would RMA the unit.
  2. personally i wouldnt trust the asus AI suite at all

    gives me loads of stupid messages like your cpu temperature is 140c,your 12v is 0.07v and others
  3. Guys that test I mentioned didn't go well.. It restart the computer.. Also after that psu didn't reach 12v.. Always 11.5 and below.. I tried to stress gpu using msi kombuster and pc restart after test started. Then I remove all the connectors and reconnect only motherboard 24pin connector/4pin cpu connector/ ssd sata cable.. Now psu maintain stable 12.096v and all the tests/benchmarks working perfectly.. Is this mean I have a faulty hardware? I am going to plug my other hardware one by one now..
  4. If you're getting pixellation on your monitor, then there is the potential for a bad GPU.
  5. Check your system event log to see why the system rebooted; there should be some type of fatal error around the time that the PC rebooted. You can then google the error code.
  6. Hook everything back up and check what your voltages are in BIOS, not using a software suite, that removes a level of software to mess things up. If bios is showing you as having low voltages I would see about getting an RMA. Also, if you happen to have a digital multimeter i would back probe the main ATX connector, boot all the way into your OS and see what your 12 V reading is then, if it is about 11.5 I would give corsair a call and request an RMA, it's not out of spec, but rarely does voltage go up under load.
  7. I connected everything back and now both bios and AI suit shows 12.096V and it is stable.. Also i run Prime95, MSI kombustor and both gpu and cpu went through them without a problem.. is that means my GPU ok?

    Second things is i faced few strange things while plugging my devices..

    First i removed my corsair one and installed my old coolermaster PSU.. (only 24pin connector/4pin cpu connector/ ssd sata cable). It also showed 12.192V and it was stable.. Then again i tried with my corsair one.. But there was no display.. Cpu fan and power supply were working.. So i tried with coolermaster one again and same thing happened.. No display.. Then i detected that motherboard 24pin connector doesn't fit properly in to the motherboard.. One of the pins in motherboard 24pin socket was bended and i pushed it back to correct place using a screw.. :( after that display came back and both psu showed 12.096V in 12V.. Then i started to connect my other hardware and i noticed that my led strip's molex connecter doesn't plug properly.. Half of the Red wire's pin has come out of it's molex connecter.. I place it back correctly..

    Now Computer is working without a problem.. But what was the problem? 24Pin connector or molex connector? If it was 24pin connector how did my coolermaster psu worked at the first time i connected it? If it was molex, can a molex connector drop 12V rail voltage like that?
  8. Sounds like a loose electrical connection was the cause of your voltage issues.
  9. Thanks guys voltage is now stable..
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