Criticize or Help me with my DIII Build! $1800

The ram is incorrect. I am really getting this:

And I might just get this drive so I only have to have one optical drive and not two?:

Any suggestions? I don't want to go for a 680 or SLI because I think the graphics I have picked out are fine for Diablo 3. I will never buy ATI Radeon again, especially sapphire because of very bad experiences so do not bring it up :)
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  1. RAM: overkill. Get 8GB.
    Add a 128GB SSD. Only $150-200
  2. okay that will save me $50 on the ram. But I really do not see the point of a 128GB. Windows 7 takes up what? 30 gb? less? and then diablo will maybe be 10gb-15gb?... hmm ya maybe a 120/128... thanks.

    Also, what do you guys think about the 2gb 560 vs the 1gb 560ti 448 core.... I think I might change to the 448 core... thoughts?
  3. 448-core unless you plan to run higher res than 1920x1200.
  4. lol with your budget

    i5 2500K
    a great mobo
    120/128gb ssd
    expensive case
    great psu
    a gtx680

    and some other stuff can fit in there, even if you play only diabloIII a 680 will still fit, it's awesome kicks games behind and gives you bragging rights >.<
  5. Overkill in this case is bad @ above.
  6. I've had issues with ATI Radeon too mate, never again... never again. Now I'm using Evga. Is there a price limit ? I'd suggest getting a 120GB SSD for your OS while your HDD will mainly focus on your game files. That's what I did with my new rig I just finished building today.
  7. I am going straight through newegg. Right now My cart is at 1719.88. If I were to get the gtx680 it would put me at what? 1950? plus tax? that is about 2100.
  8. Don't get me wrong I would love the 680, but I just don't see the point. Yes, gfx is where one should splurge, but... still think the 560ti will suit me just fine and still be very pleasing.
  9. Driver problems were a thing of the HD 6xxx series. The 7xxx series have none whatsoever.
  10. The ATI incident was YEARS ago with a 2 separate 9800 pros... lol... I do not care how long ago it was. I swore to go nvidia and I have on 3 builds, 2 of mine and one for my brother. Not a single problem. Until I have problems with nvidia... I am sticking with them.
  11. I was talking to Maffew. :P
  12. Thinking about just rolling with this and calling it a day:

    Also someone reviewed the psu I am looking at with the same case I am thinking of and they said the cpu cable is a bit short... I am guessing this means that it reaches but is stretched or something? anyone have experience with this. I found a couple other reviews saying the cable was a bit short but the psu still had a "5 egg" review...
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    The 560ti 448-core is a better buy.

    $128 for 16GB? I would not spend more than $80 on 16GB. Also, your motherboard does not support quad-channel, so you're literally throwing $ away. Use the $80+ saved and get a GTX 580.
  14. okay thanks I will look into that. Also, would you recommend a...
  15. Yes. I am getting that and it is amazing.
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