PCI-E Lanes Required for 3-way Crossfire

Sorry if this has been addressed but I didn't find anything after searching.

I am planning a new build. I am likely going to get a 6950 for now with plans to upgrade to x3 Crossfire in a few months (I fear microstuttering). My question is what speed do I need on the PCI-E express lanes when selecting my mobo (i.e. how many 16x vs 8x vs 4x). Thanks in advanced.
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  1. You need one at x16 (the main one) and the two others at least x8. I heard of crossfireing with two x8 only, but they all loose performance and have a high rate of microstuttering.

    Also, you should look up how to unlock an 6950 into an 6970 to gain ~20% more performance out of your cards.

    Hope it helps! :)
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