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Where is the Download for the Win7 OUtlook Express program for 64 bit?
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  1. Hello Barbara Griffin;

    Outlook Express is no more. It's been 'replaced' by Windows Live Mail 2011.
    Windows Live Essentials 2011 Live Mail is one of the free programs included.
    You can choose just the ones you want from the several programs in the Essentials bundle.
  2. Outlook Express has been replaced. Straight from the source:

  3. You may wish to use Mozilla's Thunderbird instead (available at www.mozilla.org). If you also use the "Lightning" add-in, it has most of the features of MS-Outlook, including the Calendar and Todo lists with reminders.
    Another free program called Mozbackup will backup all your mail and settings from Thunderbird, and also your settings from Firefox (and I believe other Mozilla programs). If you'd prefer not to have your email out in the cloud, but are able to do your own backups, this solution works very well.
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