I7 2600k temps

ok so i got a h80 as a replcment for my h70 from corsair. and i ran prime 95. so i got these results

idle temps= 30-40 depending on wether i have my air conditioner or what time of the day it is.

load temps=57-60 degrees(in the morning at around 5 am, didnt test it around lunch time when its really hot.)

ill provide an update if theres a big change in the afternoon. but for now, are these good temps? its annoying how my h80 makes this pumping noise though. is it normal? if its not how do i get rid of it? i just got this unit yesterday in the mail.... maybe the problem was that the box was really hot when i got it. heating up the coolant?
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  1. depends on your ambient temps and what cpu and whether overclocking

    but those look ok

    on my h80 minimum temp today 27c maximum temp 57c

    thats overclocked at 5ghz on a 2600k--but not using prime95 just video encoding, gaming etc

    i dont tend to use prime95 as it puts stress on the cpu that i dont do in real life use

    ambient here is about 18c

    no pumping noise from my h80 and never had any with it
  2. oh the room temperature. well i have no overclock whatsoever. and right now, 6:30 am the ambient temp(room temperature) is... 21c ill do another test during noon when the ambient temp goes up.
  3. heres the corsair forum regarding the noise

    may be an air bubble

    but if unhappy corsair will rma it for you

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