6-Gb/s SATA and 5-GT/s bus

I am looking into building a set of machines having 4 SATA III disks each and an i5-3450S CPU. SATA III has a 6-Gb/s interface, and the i5-3450S has a DMI bus capable of 5 GT/s. Now, I am having trouble mapping gigatransfers to gigabits in order to figure out how much of the 6-Gb/s SATA interface will actually be utilized by the system.

Any pointers are appreciated.
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  1. well first you need to factor in the transfer speed of an HDD which, once beyond the microsecond of cache burst speed, is typically 100-150mb/s max.

    Anyays, since the hdd come off the PCH/southbridge we would need to know the link characteristics. Just like pcie it uses lanes and an x4 link would be 10gb/s for dmi 1 and 20gb/s for a dmi 2 x4link.
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