External sound cards?

Hey guys, I've got a couple of questions regarding sound cards.
For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in audio recording (podcasting, voice acting, etc). I do have a bit of a problem, when I record audio, I get a static noise in the background. I know this is a problem caused by the noise my laptop makes when it works (that, or the fact that laptops have bad audio equipment). Anyway, would an external sound card fix this?
The reason I ask is because most companies emphasize on audio output, as oppose to input and there's no solid date or any "before" and "after" audio recordings (if any of you have an external sound card and some time, please make one, thanks).
I've got my eye on the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro, but as I said, I can't find any proof that this would even help my case.

So thank you for your help.

Also, here is an example of the "noise" I was talking about, it has gotten a bit better ever since I got a better mic, but it's still there, and it's a pain. This is just something to give you a general idea.

https://rapidshare.com/files/2285642858/Silent test.mp3
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  1. There are some companies that focus more on input, M-Audio has some decent soundcards that don't cost an arm and a leg. But most consumer soundcards focus on output, not input, as you described.
  2. I want an external sound card, so that's a hard pick alone, and to add to that, I don't know which one to get.
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