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Hello guys i really need your help about my new graphic card this one (leadtek px9500gt 512mb ddr3), my old graphic card is (pov geForce8500gt 512mb ddr2)...and ofc, my motherboard is asus m2n-x plus nFor520 ddr2-800 etc, and my monitor is samsung lcd 19''...

My problem is new graphic card has 2xdvi inputs and my monitor has VGA,so i buy this thing(dvi to vga converter)

And when i connect everything and turn on computer i hear everything normally like fan,but there is no image on monitor only black triangles on black background(joke), my monitor is working perfectly with old graphic card but with new one :pfff: ,like he goes in sleep mode or something else..I dont know what to do,i already tried buying new converter but that isn't the problem.

Please guys if you know **** is this can you help me?Sry for bad english :)
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  1. Try both DVI ports, also it could just be a bad card.
  2. i tried both slots and also i tried on dvi slot on my old card, again nothing
  3. Try resetting the card and make sure all cables are tight. Did get rid of all the old drivers?
  4. Try resetting your CMOS
  5. i try ressetting the card and all cables are ok,i also tried deleting graphic drivers and tried without any graphic driver and again nothing,but i didn't try resetting cmos because i dont know that :(
  6. Here is a link on how to reset your CMOS. Some body else was haveing the same problem and they did that and everything worked.
  7. thank you very much,i'll try that.
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