Tri screen error 5770

I have been through very much today trying to get my tri screen working and i think im very close after 31 posts here i think the other person who was helping me ragequited lol

this is what i have

and then this is what this guy has that worked for him

this is his forum post

pretty much we both had the exact same problem but his graphics card was a radeon 5670 and my is a 5770 he had 1 main screen and then 2 outer screens that were same but different size than the middle which is how mine is set up.

this is my setup

middle monitor connected via dvi -> into vga converter -> then into pc

right monitor connected via dvi

then left monitor connected via dvi -> into active display port adapter -> into pc

My pc knows the screen is connected and i can scroll over to the left and then back to the middle so my pc knows that the screen is connected but my screen is not producing a image is it because i have a bad active display port?
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  1. What are you connecting TO your graphic card? 1 VGA, 1 DVI and 1 DisplayPort?

    You cannot use an VGA at the same time than the DVI, since they use the same bus.

    Most people connect 2 DVI + 1 DisplayPort or 1 DVI + 1 HDMI + 1 DisplayPort to achieve an 3-screen output.

    Hope it helps! :)
  2. thanks for that info nobody ever told me about that but i have concluded that the display port i have bought is corrupted i unplugged all my screens exept the display port and still the screen doesnt work so now im getting a friend to go out and get it right now so ill still be here
    hopefully this works lol
  3. o wait does it have to support eyefinity i guess so doesnt it?
  4. Good luck finding what is broken and hopefully you fix it! :)

    If you still have some questions you can ask it here.
  5. Yes, if your card has an DisplayPort, it should be very probable that you can support EyeFinity...
  6. lol im posting on 2 forums at once about the same problem dude heres the link to my other active post
    just post there cause somebody else who was helping me is back
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