Crosshair IV Formula SLI and/or Physx setup

Hey guys got a question for you yall, you may be able to help me with. Im running a Crosshair IV Formula with a AMD Phenom 1100T with 16 gigs of Ripjaw DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) ram and two BFG 8800GTX OC's 768 cards and when I go into Nvidia control panel I see the Physx setup I dont see a SLI enable and Im wanting to run both cards. But what Im seeing when I running a game its only utilizing one card( I have a sidbar gidget the shows temp). Question is, what am I missing here, I do have the bridge strip installed on the cards plus the most current drivers from Nvidia, I have read that the board doesnt support SLI and thats fine, but how do you get it to work both cards in Physx.

Thanks for any help on this question, its driving me nuts lol.... :o

Thanks in advance....
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  1. Not an SLI board.....

    However you can grab the SLI patch and your good to go...
  2. Thank you sir :bounce:
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