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I am currently spec-ing a new build for gaming. However, I am currently "dabbling" with video editing and want, if possible, to be able to add decent video editing software, in near future, when my "skill set" allows. I appreciate I need to be a bit careful with choice of graphics card, but am stuggling to decide if really worth getting, say i7-3770K, over i7-2600K (I know hex-core might be even better, but budget won't allow).
I've seen a couple of general discussions, that don't seem to really go anywhere. I'm almost tempted to stick with an i5-2500K, for the moment, use the extra money on a "bells an' whistles" motherboard, to handle any likely expansion, and wait for the next "tick" or "tock" to decide whether IB is worth it. Really would appreciate some advice.
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  1. Both the i7-3770K and i7-2600K will offer nearly the same performance....the 3770 is just a slightly tweaked version of the 2600k, and it's manufactured on a new node, so it draws less power.

    Roughly speaking, d 3700k is around 6% faster than d 2600k, nothing major. I'll just get whichever was cheaper coz both have unlocked multipliers:)
  2. You also get PCI 3.0 with the i7-3770K.
  3. jsrudd said:
    You also get PCI 3.0 with the i7-3770K.

    Not that its of any use now thoe :)
  4. I thought things like video editing used Intel's QuickSync. If that is the case, the 3770K is not only faster clock for clock, the integrated GPU is better and would help out quite a bit.
  5. Thanks guys. Helps me to make up mind, rather than just keep getting the "why bother with IvyBridge?" comments
  6. Quote:
    personally since you have a 2500K already, might as wait for Haswell to come out and skip Ivy Bridge..

    Sorry if I misled. Not GOT the i5, but was thinking about GETTING it as sensible, lower cost solution, at least for the time being. I think that would be a good solution, if Haswell was going to be 1155 pin. As it is, I think I've got to "bite the bullet", or I'll end up forever waiting for the next big thing. Wish I could afford hex core, but budget's already getting silly.
  7. Quote:
    so what do you have now.?

    Old PC died couple of years ago. Just got Dell XPS laptop, at the moment. Not too bad, for most things, but need something decent for games, and any real video work. Take the plunge, and build my own.
  8. I've changed it so many times, it's a joke to use the word budget. Got most things sorted, and should keep it under £1700, but that's got to include monitor, OS etc. I've got keyboard, mice, speakers, but as they're fairly old, will probably get knew (if I can still afford it). Once I've got at least draft, will post it, as I'm sure I will have messed up somewhere.
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