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Adding a 3rd Monitor question

Here is what I have right now:

(2) HP LP2475W's running off of a Quardo FX580 via displayport in extended desktop mode

What I want to do is mirror my main desktop to my Samsung 64" Plasma via HDMI

I know my FX580 only supports 2 active ports so I assume that would mean I would need a separate video card w/ HDMI output to accomplish what I want.

Assuming that is correct, does it matter what video card I get as long as it's PCIE 2.0 and has an HDMI output and can output at least 1080P?

Here was the card I was looking at getting PNY VCGGT5201XPB GeForce GT 520

If this card won't work what do I need to do to make this work.

Thanks in advance

My System
Core i7 2600K
16GB DDR3 1600
Quadro FX580
Win 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. Why are you buying an GeForce GT 520? You should know that the GeForce GT 520 is Useless in games. For 3 displays, you should buy an card that supports 3 displays natively instead of running two cards, since I've heard that the GeForces' and Quadros' doesn't like each other.

    You can get an Sapphire HD 6450 (Modded PCB) for an cheap 3-screen display solution.

    Hope it helps! :)
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    You just want your desktop on the plasma not do any gaming right? If that is the case the 520 would bd enough just for that reason. You wouldn't be able to do any gaming on that card.
  3. Yeah no gaming just strictly for watching movies.

    Thanks for your answers but I just found out that my TV has a network file sharing feature built into the TV itself so I'm able to stream my movies to the TV over my network.
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