Comp sound thru Suround sound system

Hey all. i have a old suround sound system i used in the living room. Is there any way to hook this up to my Comp and ge suround sound thru it ? i have tried several ways and cant get it to work.

Also do i need a stand alone sound card to be able to us Mumble thru my headset while still haveing game sound thru external speakers ? Atm it all goes to head set when i plug them in... Thanks.
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  1. If they are home theater speakers, get a receiver.
    Connect the sound card (computer) to the receiver via Toslink (S/PDIF).
    The speakers get connected via speaker wire.
    The Subwoofer gets connected via coaxial cable normally.

    You are probably better off with a good sound card, but you don't need it per se'.
  2. thanks.
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