Mini itx gaming build

i was wondering if anyone has any new suggestions on this build that i am planning on:

- Case: silverstone sugo sg08 (power supple included) around $200
- Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe (upcoming) ?Price ?
- RAM: any 1333 or above is fine 8gb (suggestions?) around $50
- CPU: Intel i5-2500k or upcoming i5-3570k around$200-240

- GPU: sapphire 6850 or sapphire hd 7770 or upcoming Nvidia 600 series( suggestions?) must stay under $200
- cooler: Corsair H40 or H50 or H60 or H70 (suggestions) must stay under $100

already have harddrive and other necessarily pheripherals

Trying to stay on a budget of around $750

Any thoughts or comments???
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  1. I think you will struggle to get that under $750 when everything is included, perhaps go for something like this:

    Intel Core i5-2400
    8GB Mushkin Silverline 1333Mhz
    ASRock H67M-ITX
    ASUS HD 7770 1GB
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
    SeaSonic S12II 430B 430W
    LG DVD Burner

    Total - $763.92 on Newegg

    The case and PSU work about a bit cheaper and the PSU will be much better quality.

    EDIT: Just read that you already have the hard drive, perhaps buy a Crucial M4 64GB instead of the HDD.
  2. try buying them at microcenter should be cheap and go H67 mobo and a i5 2400cpu should be just there in your budget
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