PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W

SO this psu is very powerfull and most of the stuff is nice about it

currently my setup is

1 x gpu
1 x hdd
4 x fans
1 x dvd drive (maybe)
1 x fan controller

Future setup

3 x gpu
2 x hdd
unknown amount of fans
1 x dvd drive (maybe)
and a water cooling setup with a 12v pump

so my question is will this power supply handle all of this load. A lot of people on newegg have said that this power supply is not 950w it's 1050w.

so people thanks for reading and commenting :bounce:
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  1. What GPUs? Any OCing of the CPU or GPUs?
  2. That PSU is a little weird, it has 83.4 amps for the 12v rail, which adds up to 1000w when its labeled as a 950w. Its a good company though so I'm sure it fine. It should be able to handle most 3xGPU set ups, but it depends on what kind of card you are using.
  3. oh sorry about that

    well i was mainly thinking either the new video cards that have came out

    such as the hd 7970, gtx 670, or gtx 570 i could choose either one but i am really leaning towards the new video cards. sorry for giving you 3 cards at once but i am stuck between the 3 choices.

    about overclocking, once i get the whole rig water cooled i would like to overclock both the cpu and the gpu but not to its max potential.(meaning i wont be hitting 5.0 ghz for cpu and i still have to learn gpu overclocking)

    The rig

    i7 2600k
    Evga z68 FTW or Asus z77 maximus v formula
    8gb of 1600 ram
    Gtx 670, Gtx 570, Hd 7970 (any of these gpu's x 3)
    any 1tb hd
    about 10 fans when water cooled
    and the power supply u guyies already know
    ok thats about it ty

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