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earlier i posted a thread on which one to buy among the asus xonar phoebus and xonar stx...
well i bought the xonar poebus asd i have a rog build..
now i have the astro a40 wireless headsets and they use the spd/f output...
so if i plug the spd/f output of the headset to the sound cards spd/f port,i wont be using the control box..
but the control box works as a voice cancellation i wanted to use it..
so should i plug the control box in the card+plug the spd/f output of the headset and leave the mic of the control box enabled in the driver?
or do i completely not use it as am not gonna be plugging in my headset in the ports of the control box?

plzz help!!!!!!!!
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  1. No, analog can't be plugged into digital. Two totally different connections.

    Also, if your going to use the digital output, why even bother with the Phoebus? Total waste of money to buy a high end soundcard, then use the digital output. The A40's are killing your audio quality.
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