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will windows allow me to install their UPGRADE version of win7 to a fresh never used harddrive. or do i have to install my old version of XP on it first so win7 can see the program key? Or will the Clean installer of WIN7 ask me for my old key for XP?
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  1. You can do the fresh install. No you don't need the XP key. Have your controller drivers standing by in case win 7 asks for them with a dvd/cdrom error msg. I just installed win 7 on two different systems. The AM3 mb was really tough to get the install started. The AM2+ mb was completely effortless.
  2. so this brings be to my next question, if i can just use an upgrade disc to do a clean install, why do they sell a Full version for way more money then the upgrade version? if you can get the same result with an upgrade disc.
  3. The rationnalle for charging more for the full version is that existing users get a pricing "break". It's not about what's technically possible with the full vs. upgrade disk, it's about whether you're ethical enough to abide by the terms of the license.
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