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Hey. Im looking to build a gaming computer (something capable of running skyrim and battlefield on max) at the end of the school year. About 2 months from now. Im looking to spend about 1000 for everything so anywhere from 800 to 900 on a tower would be preferable. If anyone has any suggestions of what I should buy and what would give me the best performance that would be great. I'd probably be looking to spend 100 on a screen so any help would be great. Thanks everyone. I'd also be building this myself so thanks.
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  1. Two months from now Z77 and Z75 boards will be out with the i5-3550K and i5-3770K - along with GTX 660, 670, and 680 cards - the landscape will be completely different and it's impossible to build builds around hardware that doesn't exist yet.
  2. I agree with g-unit1111, if you have the time to wait, see what the new line up holds.

    other than that you can look at the video and cpu articles on THG. Skyrim and BF3 are usuallly benchmarked in them, so you will have an idea of what level of CPU/GPU you are looking at.
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