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ok so i got two 6870's and they perform awesome. problem is they sound like hair dryers and it was driving me crazy. They weren't running too hot, around 88c load with furmark, just loud. i got a great deal on two arctic cooling accelero twin turbo pro coolers so i swapped them out. The first card (sapphire 6870, long card) took the swap perfectly. lower temp 78c load, totally quiet. the second card xfx 6870 (short version of the card) didn't take the swap so well. i can't run furmark for more than 5 minutes because the temp will steadily increase to around 100c (i stop the test at this point) and it's not the normal temp curve you see where it levels off. it's a straight shot up in temp. so im at a loss as to why. Couple of details:

The xfx card is shorter than my other sapphire card. This is the card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150561

The cooler is bigger than the card, but the heatsink lines up just fine. Also, i first tried to see if it was the cooler that wasn't working properly, so i swapped coolers with the one from the sapphire card and temps stayed the same. the sapphire card accepts both coolers and stays cool. the xfx, won't cool properly with either. i've reseated the heatsink many times. with the thermal paste that came with the coolers, and i even tried as ceramique. i've tried just a thin layer of tim as well as copious amounts. nothing helps. i've tried removing the spacers so the heatsink would reach down to the gpu, and still no change. One more note, the xfx card only has a 2 pin connector for the fan, so i had to connect the cooler to the psu, so the fans run full speed at all times. i can hear the fans are louder on the xfx card but it's no use. still crazy high temp. the stock cooler was loud but it worked. im at a loss. i took pictures of the last time i removed the cooler to see if there was proper contact with the gpu. I also took a picture of the stock cooler i removed

Contact on ac accelero pro


size of cooler compared to card

old cooler tim contact

so that's my dilemma. i don't know what could be causing this card to be heating up. initially i though the gpu shim was preventing contact with the cooler, but the tim residue shows pretty good contact. only thing i can think of is that since the card is smaller, the fans are blowing air differently and it's not cooling right, but the heatsink and pipes are in the same position regardless of what card i put it on. :( i don't know what else to try. anyone have any ideas? sorry for the long email but this isn't my first build and i've tried what i know already. thanks for any help guys
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  1. It could be a false alarm... try tasting with other softwares...
  2. I have that same problem with my XFX 6870. I temped it with the CCC, GPU Shark, and CPUID hardware monitor, and they were all showing the same temps. I was able to slow down the climb to 100c in Furmark by pulling off the black covering on the card and installing a 120mm fan that is directly blowing down the card from front to back but the temps never leveled off(with stock heatsink and fan still attached). I have been looking for a solution as well. Best I could do was slow the climb to 100c and beyond, still can't figure out how to get it to level off at a decent temp. I haven't had any issue's with heat while gaming yet though. It has gotten to 80c while playing SWTOR after a couple hours with everything maxed, which is still too hot for my taste. My old 5770 never broke 65c and that was overclocked.
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