Upgrading an old computer for fun [need help!]

I have been thinking about building a computer.. but recently I got a hold of and old Compaq Presario SR1810NX and I want to upgrade its processor and RAM for now until I have the money for a good graphics card. I have found a decent processor and RAM that I think might work with this computer. can anyone tell me if this will work or not?

Here are some links to the computer and motherboard specs:

And here are the links to the processor and RAM I found:

Whether or not these parts will work with this computer can anyone tell me some parts that are possibly better for around the same price?
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  1. Yeah, they should both work, but I wouldn't really call it a worthwhile upgrade for the money. That system just isn't really worth upgrading because by the time you put a GPU in it, you're spending more on it than it's worth.
  2. Wish i could also spend money just for fun
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    Its a complete waste of money to upgrade that.
    $200 is better spent on a new system
    This Newegg combo here for $233 would run circles around that single core athlon64 and would actually even let you game some. That athlon64 would barely run facebook. Now I'mnot saying buy this kit, just that tehre are way better options out there than trying to upgrade that 'coffin'. its dead - throw it out.

    Or you could just upgrade your motherbd, cpu , and ram - if that case will take standard parts.
    a8-3850 + motherbd - $150

    4gb ram @ 1866 (best speed for a-series processors) - $35
  4. Wow those responses were quick! Anyways I guess I'll just go with building a new one (I never knew it could be so cheap!). Thanks everyone!
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