Crossfire on Asus P5KC with 2 x ATi Radeon HD 5450's?

Hi guys/gals.

Looking to go quad monitor for business purposes, not gaming yet I still like HD as I watch a lot of video and also video edit..

Excuse me for being a little new to this PCI-E Crossfire lark but it seems one of the PCI-Ex16 is x16 and one is x4 or x1 yet the board states PCI-Ex16 - 1 and 2 on the slots?..

Am I missing something as the homepage for the board also states one runs 16 and one x4, or is that just the running speed of the slot but they are both PCI-Ex16?
(2 x PCIe x16 (blue @ x16 mode, black @ x4 or x1 mode) Supports CrossFire Technology)

Anyway, all I'm asking is can the p5kc support 2 of the ATi rage HD5450's?

If not, something like, that will if this PCI-Ex16 and x4 is actually something I need to be carefull about when selecting the cards?

Thanks, Jay.
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  1. Could somebody please give me a simple yes/no? ;-/

    Want to get the cards ordered today.

    Regards, Jay.
  2. Dont think the 5450s are CrossFire-able. If they are there will be a ribbon plugin at the top front of your card, if it has that, you can CrossFire it with another. If it doesnt, then no you cant.
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