My Account is being HIjacked

My brother informed me that he received email from me asking for money. From there, I realised My Yahoo account is hijacked and I cannot get in. I tried Yahoo Password Helper and it asked me to select 2 emails addresses for them to send my passwords. Those emails are and . I have never seen that email address before and I strongly believe it belongs to the hijacker. I contacted Yahoo to freeze my account . However, i need help to locate who is the owner of those email addresses and report as abuse. .

Can anyone help to check who's accounts ( & ? I need to know how they manage to hijack my Yahoo account.

All this happen when I open an email to confirm my yahoo account for YouTube registration. I should not have done that as I never use my Yahoo account to register for YouTube. So, how can they manage to hijack my Yahoo account?

I emailed to Yahoo cust. service and request for immediate help but it's now 6 hours past and no reply.

When my friend replied the hijacker email, it was forwarded to .

My hijacked account is

Can someone help me? This is the first time my account is being hijacked .
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  1. You are doing what you have to do, that is letting Yahoo deal with this and return your account to you.
  2. Hi Rolli59,

    It's been more than 24 hours and I still cannot get into my account. Now, my account is locked for 12 hours -> does that mean that hijacker is locked out as well?

    The hijacker changed alternate mailing email address in Yahoo Password helper. My list of friends emails was used by hijacker who pose as me requesting for money.

    Still no news or action from Yahoo.

    Is there any way that I can contact Yahoo and let them know it's urgent ?
  3. Do they have a phone number? Are you reporting it the right way?
  4. Hi Rolli59,

    I have a cell phone but there is no contact number on Yahoo page for me to call them. The only thing I did was report it via email.

    Do you know any Yahoo contact number ?
  5. No that is why I was asking! All you can do is keep sending them mails with your issues they will eventually answer.
  6. I just sent another email to Yahoo.

    If my account is locked out, will the hijacker be able to access it ?
  7. Probably not! Unless it is just your password that has changed!
  8. Hi Rolli59,

    It's more than 1 week and still no news from Yahoo. All I got are automated replies from them. The hijacker emails to my friends and my other email addresses . When I clicked on reply, the hijacker wanted the replies to go to instead of my original email address

    Still cannot get into my account.

    Is there a way to track the IP of ?
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    See here:

    The phone number and hours to contact a person are listed. With this, you should be able to get better support than from an automated email.
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