Over Heating issuse?

Okay so after following a few steps of advice it appeared that all my problems had been solved. But as of yesterday the problems have returned with more ferocity now. Originally my computer would randomly crash with my case running a little warm. Now it's running super hot enough to make the room feel a lot hotter then the rest of the house. I have shifted stuff around recently as one of the suggestions said so now my question is this. How can I deal with the heating issue. My CPU runs one fan in the back, one on the motherboard, two on the panel, and one on the video card. What can I do to resolve some of this heat.
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  1. do you have a temp monitor (like HWmonitor, speedfan)... try increasing airflow to your room from cooler parts of you house
  2. What is overheating, the processor? Run Core Temp and see what your temps are.
    Download the 'standalone' version or else you will get a toolbar installed.
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