Can i re-size a monitors height digitally?

So after 7 hours of getting pissed of trying to set up a tri screen i got it, but the problem now is if i wanna play games my middle monitor is about 1 inch higher than the sides so is there any way to get some kind of bars changing the height of my middle screen temporarily?
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  3. wow he bumped it 2x with only 20mins in between each bumps. Please learn some patience...
    We need more information...what are your monitors? sizes? resolution of each? what is your gpu setup?

    But it sorta kinda might very unlikely be possible from the sounds of it...
  4. i have a 1920 x 1080 and 2 side monitors 1280 x 1024 and btw for 7 strait hours and over 100 posts just today i finnaly got my tri screen up so i am a little un patient lol
  5. what is your exact problem? your OP isn't clear.
  6. oops sorry man windows 7 x64 i just figured out is it a possibility of disabling gpu scaling in the catalyst control center?
  7. afaik you can disable extended desktop in display properties and use each monitor individually.
  8. i know but still i want to play games lol there has to be some option to just changing a monitors height resolution im looking around in the catalyst control center but when ever i uncheck something such as enable gpu scaling and press apply it just re checks it wtf
  9. o ya it seems that gpu scaling is what i want it will allow me to change the apect ration but whenever i uncheck Enable gpu scling and click apply it just rechecks it.....
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