Haf 932 side panel window fan vs window mod?

Hi I decided to get the Haf 932 and recently looked into modding. I actually feel confident that I can pull off the side panel window mod (looks really cool to me) on the Haf 932. I did some research and found that there were people who said side panel fan aren't necessary and it is better off as an exhaust, because if they were to be intake, then it would create negative air flow? So because of that, I was like "Yup, imma do a side panel window mod once I get the Haf 932 :D".

Then, I found that there were people who said side panel fans help cool the GPU and then the air it would intake (from the side panel fans) would just naturally ride the air flow to the back exhaust or top exhaust (is there a top exhaust for the haf 932?).

Oh and I will be using Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 for my video card. I will be OC'ing, only to like 4.2ghz, not a crazy hardcore OC'er.

SO my question is, will it be okay for me to sacrifice my side panel for the Haf 932, and mod it to a cool-looking window or just keep it as it is? Or, i can just buy a Haf X side panel to have a window + fan look...Ehh no..

Thanks, any advice will be appreciated!
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  1. I have an AMD edition haf 932 wih a dragon image on a sidewindow (stock) and have no cooling issues even overclocked.
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