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Hey guys. So I've been trying to trouble shoot this problem myself for a while now with no avail. I have a gtx 560 in a sabertooth motherboard with a core i5-2500k. When no graphics driver is installed, the computer boots up perfectly to windows and it is displayed through my monitor. Now here's the weird part; After installing the newest up to date drivers, 285.62, my computer's display will work all the way through the boot up through the windows 7 screen, after the win 7 screen is done loading and it boots into windows, the display goes black and it will stay black. However, if i pull the monitor cable out of the video card and plug it back in, the display will come on and work... Anyone ever come across this problem? Help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Try the beta drivers. Also what power supply?
  2. Are you using the HDMI cable? Instead of pulling the cable out and re-inserting it, have you tried just turning off the monitor then turn it back on?
  3. Check your monitor's owner manual, usually on the DVD, and see if there is a setting for show display on startup or something like that.
  4. I have a 600w silent pro power supply. I've tried all the beta drivers and the official ones. It works perfectly before installing the drivers though.
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