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I am looking to buy a gaming computer for diablo 3. I want it to run diablo 3 on high setting without lag. I have about 700$ right now but i can get more if needed. I want a desktop. I would like it to be prebuilt but if it's a good deal for better quality and price i will build it. I haven't built a computer before though.
i was looking at these
ThankYou in advance. :)
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  1. The one with the i5-2500k is a much better system than the one with the FX-6100. It's just a vastly better processor in absolutely every way.
  2. Willard is correct, and neither has a high end gpu
  3. can i get a higher GPU? is it a graphics card?
    this one seems to have a better graphics card i think
    but lower CPU? I'm not sure so I'm asking you.
    and is there a difference between NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550Ti Graphic Card and Geforce GTX 550Ti Graphic Card
    i'v seen both but i think they are the same
  4. The 550 Ti isn't that great of a card. It's a solid low end card, but it's not going to be maxing out settings in modern games at 1080p. For that, you'll need to spend around $200 (or more, depending on the game) on the GPU alone.

    I think these kits are a good starting point, but I think you'd get better results picking and choosing the components yourself, that way you know you get exactly what you want/need. $700 is certainly enough to build a budget gaming rig, but you're going to have to make some sacrifices.

    If you're only interested in gaming, you can get a slower CPU because the GPU is by far the most important component in gaming. Saving $75 on a CPU means you can spend $75 more on the GPU and crank those settings up.
  5. can you suggest a prebuilt computer or all the parts i would need to build one?
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  8. thankyou
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