How to tell if my cpu is still working ?

3 Months ago , my pc stopped working the problem is when i start it up it boots but the monitor is black and it reboots and continues on the same cycle until i cut the power for it and there were no bips.

i Looked for many solutions to fix my pc but none of them worked until i decided to build another one .

but i want to make sure my processor still works i have an i7 2600k . my friend told me that if i start up my pc then turn it down and touch my processor if i find it hot then its working if not then its not working . i tried it and my processor was hot .

is this solution true if not is there a way to tell if its working ?
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  1. In my opinion your friend gave you bad advice. The only thing his advice tells you is that your CPU is, in fact, receiving current from the motherboard. I don't remember the exact timing, but turning on a PC, even for a few seconds, without a HS and fan connected can cause the CPU to overheat and burn out.

    The easiest way to truly test is plug in a known good CPU to the same MB with the same RAM and GPU (nothing else connected except Monitor, KB and Mouse) and see if the system boots. If it boots with another CPU but not yours in the same configuration then your CPU is bad.

    If you don't have a spare CPU (most people don't) then the other option is to put your CPU into another PC that has known good PSU, RAM, MB, and GPU. If it works then obviously your CPU is good. Then you can swap part by part to identify the bad component.
  2. sounds like you have a bad video card or power supply. before you order new parts did your fiend ask you to see if any of the old pc parts were still under warranty?? a lot of video cards and power supply's have long warranties. also to see if your cpu is dead you have to try and get the mb to force a cmos beep code...removing the video card and ram. and all the drives...if the system is still rebooting...i would have ask a friend for a spare power supply to see if the mb and cpu still rebooted.
  3. Thank you for the fast reply but another question can me cpu get ESD?
  4. cpu can go bad...but you have to over clock them or over volt them a lot.
    esd zapping of a cpu can happen but you got to rub it on a cat or a cotton cloth.
    once it in the mb and the mb posts fine it a hardware issue if the cpu fails.
    again if the cpu is bad rma it should be still under warranty by intel.
  5. Thanks :)
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