RMA or just go get another one?

Help me think outside the box here. I'm a total newb to DIY, so I don't know what people usually do.

I built a new system 2 days ago. It is a basic system, no video card, so I went with the Corsair CX430. I paid $34 for it from Newegg after a rebate, which I thought was a decent deal for a decent PSU. 2 days later (today), the thing dies with no warning. Just quits. I could get lights on the usb drives, but nothing else. Failed the paperclip test.

I fill out the RMA with corsair, but I was naive enough to think they would pay for the shipping since it is their problem. Turns out, it is going to cost $15 for me to ship this back to them. Plus, it is going to take 4-5 days to get there, a day or two for them to check things out, then 4-5 days to ship back. Throw in a couple weekends and we are looking at 2-1/2 weeks waiting to get this new machine up and running.

Is this what most people do, just go through the RMA and wait it out?

I had thoughts of just skipping the RMA and ordering a new PSU and getting it over with. Yeah, I'd pay more than $15, but I'd get it in 3 days or so instead of 18. Then again, I could still RMA it and see if I could flip it on eBay or something, although I'm not sure what the eBay market will be for a CX430.

Just checking to see if people spend time and money on the RMA or just put the money toward another psu.

ETA Ok, I see where Newegg now has the CX430 for even cheaper than what I bought it last week...$19.99. For an extra $5, I can buy one new and get it Monday... That is very tempting. I guess the only risk is that the new one is DOA also. Hmmm.
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    If less than 30 days since purchase, ask Newegg about replacement. They may cover return shipping.
  2. Thanks! Based on your suggestion, I checked Newegg (just ordered last week) and even though they didn't cover the cost of shipping they offered a refund at a generous amount...more than I would hope to get off eBay.

    I ordered a new one at the lower price. Here's hoping that one isn't defective either!
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