Xfx 7970 black edition or 2 hd 6970s in corssfire

im going ot be upgrading soon to eyefinity(5760x1080) and was wondering is a single hd 7970 could handle games like batman arkhm city, bf 3 etc. at max setting or if i should just go with 2 6970s, i would prefer to stay away from going crossfire if possible, even if im getting an average of 35 fps ill be fine
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  1. 7970
  2. the 2 hd 6970 will be more better in performance but the hd 7970 will support more higher resolution its Max resolution is: 4096x2160 and its made of new architecture of 28nm.:)
  3. The 6970's Crossfired will outperform the single 7970, and at 5760x1080 I'm not sure that you could max those games with a 7970 (certainly high though). I'd recommend the 7970 anyway, because of the possibility of hording cash for a few weeks and getting two :) That would max anything
  4. I sort of have the same question. I already have a 6970. Do I get another, or do I go through the hassle of selling it and buying a 7970?
  5. get a 7970 because the higher the resolution the more vram you need...so todays games definitely user under 2gb...but some might need 3gb eventually in 1-2yrs. Another thing is that with crossfire/sli you have microstutter when your fps is below the refresh rate of your monitor..its not always an issue but it definitely exists and some people find it more annoying than others..some systems have more of it than others.

    Another thing is a 6970 can run todays games at that resolution with 30+fps...but it won't be able to with say the next bf4 or crysis 3. A 7970 on the other hand is more future proof...add a 2nd card in 1-2yrs and you will be fine for atleast 3 yrs.

    One last suggestion...if you're spending $600....wait for GTX 680 and see if its a better deal than 7970...no competition causes inflated prices...AMD might drop the price for 7970 by $50-$100 once GTX 680 comes out.
  6. Anybody in this predicament at this point of time (09/18/12) Just get a cheap 6950 on New Egg (189.00), or a 6970 on Ebay (200.00) and hold out until series 8000, or if you want to push it, DX12 cards.
  7. 2 6990s
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