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I would like to assemble a new gigabit home network from the ground up. Internet download speed, provision for NAS, and file transfer speed are the priorities for this network. Wireless may be added later, but it is not a priority with this network.

Current equipment to be networked are a cable modem, desktop, internet HDTV, and HDDVR. I am asking for router suggestions. “D-Link DGL-4100 GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router” is one option. I want the router to be secure. If I use a new wireless router, the wireless radio will be turned off for now. D-Link 655 is an older wireless router example. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. Emerald said:

    Your suggestion is the Netgear 3700. I agree that it is a good bang-for-the-buck wireless router, if your priority is wireless. I don't own a laptop or notebook. At $130, I would be paying a premium for wireless capability that I can't use. My next computer expenditure will be in a new gaming desktop build. So even though I would like a new laptop, it will not be in the budget for several years. Can you suggest a "wireless" router that is a better router value?
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    I've looked at both of your suggestions (NETGEAR WNR3500L & EnGenius ESR9850). I've also looked at the Linksys E2000. The ESR9850 is $58, and the other two are $80. Which would you say is the better buy. Or would you bite the bullet, and get the '3700 for $130?
    The Small Network Builder has info on all of these except the E2000.
  5. E2000 was rated as a good gaming router.
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