Is this normal for this 6950 gpu?

I have a sapphire 6950 2GB dirt 3 edition.

So I checked "can I run it" website just to see and enjoy my new GPU's spec - then this happens

WTF? I thought I have 2GB memory but its only showing 700mb

so I tried using Trixxy and I also checked CCC

and I get this

o.o am I getting trolled?
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  1. sorry, not going to click on your links, but i can tell you that i'm on a powercolor 6950 right now and my CCC says:

    Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD
    Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
    Device ID 6719
    Vendor 1002
    Subsystem ID 2307
    Subsystem Vendor ID 1787
    Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0
    Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 2.0 x16
    BIOS Version
    BIOS Part Number 113-101227-J01
    BIOS Date 2010/12/27
    Memory Size 2048 MB
    Memory Type GDDR5
    Core Clock in MHz 800 MHz
    Memory Clock in MHz 1250 MHz
    Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 160.0 GByte/s
  2. My CCC tells me the accurate Vram that i should have but my dxdiag won't. Does it really matter? Should I be worried?

    PS: The links are just images - ever heard of puush?
  3. nah don't have much time to look at that stuff, working on my computer tech degree 24/7. don't like clicking on foreign domains. thought you said ccc was giving you wrong readout. my dx says "approx" memory 1763.
  4. I have GTX580 with 1,5GB of RAM and DxDiag shows me that I have 4GB of video RAM so I guess it is not acurate reading. Check it in GPU-z.
  5. Try update your graphics! :D
  6. i think that you should have 500 watt right it only have 1x pci connector try to upgrade your psu atleast 700watt okthat make full power consumption to your 6950
    you already notified about minimum requirement is 500 watt to get optimum us of 6950 you should upgrade your psu
    me suggest cooler master corsair seasonic
    for budget 700watt zebrioncs helpful hope it work
  7. Monu, you'll talking lies.. It's just windows bug, not power problem.
  8. sorry for that above yeah i taught so but you will be fine now its windows bug try to go run type dxdiag for your full pc
    information or go my computer properties check your graphic rating enjoy man play a games alot by the way sorry
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