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Need help fast! Last week rebate need to order asap.

Im getting my new build done and i am stucked at my gpu!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week b4 rebates.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming and watching movies HD .

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W Modular Gaming . Hd 3000 I3 2105

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Corsair xms3 8gb , Asrock z68 pro 3 gen 3 ,Hyper 212+,Haf 912




MONITOR RESOLUTION: now its 1280*1024 but i plan upgrading it after a year.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: At this resolution i should buy now or w8 after a year when ill buy the new monitor and the price should drop also ?
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  1. No point in waiting.

    Get HD6770. Gives you some headroom for monitor upgrade.
    Its a great price for spec card at medium to high res..
  2. hd 6850 or hd 6870 will be best and may be overkill on that resolution or if u are lower budget builder then go for an hd 6770 it can max your games without aa or maybe with some aa for atleast two years:)
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    It would be very useful if you told us your budget for buying this video card. I would say go with the GTX 570 but it's about $340. If you don't have that money go a step down and grab a gtx 560 ti. This one's about $230ish but you can get it for $210. If that's not an option then go for AMD. Grab a 6850. It's about $150. If you don't have much money I really, really, really recommend the gtx 560 ti. It has a GREAT price to performance ratio (I've got it myself :D ).

    GL, man.

  4. Oh, and what games are you playing?
  5. @neutral

    i plan playing bf3 ,nfs the run , mw3 to end this latest games FPS and Racing. I will consider gtx 560 ti cuz iv heard about AMD driver problems.the budget about 180. but i can surely w8 till price drop with the new 6xx or 7xx series :)
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