ATX 12V Power Connector

Which wire is the 12V power connector in this image: ? Thanks :)

EDIT: I know it isn't the 24 pin power connector (the middle one), but is it the left or right wire?
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  1. Anyone that can help? I'm in the process of building my pc! :)
  2. It looks like it should be the ones on the right, but it also looks like there's an 8 pin 12V connector on the left too, which is odd.

    This is why I think it's the ones on the right specifically.

    What PSU is it?
  3. Wow, just checked and it actually DOES have both. You can use either one (the 4+4 pin or 8 pin), really, it's up to you I guess, and I guess it also deprnds on if you have a 4 pin or 8 pin 12V connector on the mobo. If you only have a 4 pin connector on the mobo, then one half of the 4+4 would be what I would use. If it's an 8 pin connector, you can just use whichever on is easier for you. You'll only be able to insert them one way, so you'll have to see which half works, if it's only a 4 pin.
  4. Thanks I have a 8 pin connector on my mobo :)
  5. You're Welcome, and that threw me for a bit of a loop too. I recommend that PSU a good bit, but I didn't realize it had two 8 pin 12V connectors. That's usually only reserved for very high wattage PSU's that power servers and dual CPU systems.
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